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[Model 2670]
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Giá : 1,490,000 vnd

Tên sản phẩm : Jofama Journey Textile Motorcycle Jacket Grey
Kích thước : S-M-L-XL
Bảo hành : Chính hãng
Trạng thái :In Stock
  1  Giá : 1,490,000 vnd
  2  Mã sản phẩm :[ 2670 ]
  3  Số lượng :

Jofama Journey Textile Motorcycle Jacket Grey

This Jofama Journey Textile Motorcycle Jacket in Black, Grey and White, is waterproof and protective, and made from Texdura Textile. Improved protection is offered in the form of Extra reinforcements and Hi Art, the abrasion resistant material, are used in exposed areas as well as CE approved armour in the shoulders and elbows. Dryway, the waterproof membrane keeps this Jacket internals totally waterproof.

Jofama emphasises the need for comfort, shape, functionality and quality with this Jofama Journey Motorcycle Jacket, by providing a more precise and tailored fit with additional width adjustments in the jacket and sleeves.This motorcycle touring jacket has zipped ventilation and a detachable thermal liner for summer use.

Benefits and features of the Jofama Journey Motorcycle Jacket include:

  • Dryway waterproof and windproof membrane.
  • Hi Art Abrasion Resistant Material is used in exposed areas
  • CE approved shoulder and elbow protection.
  • Ready to fit optional CE Level 2 approved Back protector (sold separately)
  • Detachable liner.
  • Width adjustment for jacket and sleeves.
  • Reflective panels.
  • Can be zipped to any Jofama Motorcycle Jeans in either leather or textile from Halvarssons or Lindstrands.

Jofama Motorcycle Clothing Size Chart;

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