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[Model 2585]
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Giá : 899,000 vnd

Tên sản phẩm : Camelbak Charge 240 2 Litre Hydration Bag
Kích thước : 13in/33cm
Bảo hành : Chính hãng
Trạng thái :Sold Out
  1  Giá : 899,000 vnd
  2  Mã sản phẩm :[ 2585 ]
  3  Số lượng :

Camelbak Charge 240 2 Litre Hydration Bag

  • • Height: 
  • • Bladder Capacity: 70oz 2L for 2+ hours
  • • Cargo Capacity: 90 cu in (1.5L) +2L reservoir
  • • Weight: 8.5oz (240g)
  • • Fabric: 70D Mini Ripstop with DWR+1000mm PU Coating 210D Nylon with DWR+400mm PU coating
  • • Back panel: L.E. ™ (Lightweight exoskeleton)
  • • Harness: Ultra light 3D mesh
  • • Belt: Removable 25mm/1” 840D Lightweight tape stability
  • • Ultra-Light materials
  • • Short pack profile
  • • Stash pocket
  • • Designed to carry: CO2 Pump and cartridges, Multi-tool, spare tube, Energy supplements
Chính hãng .

At CamelBak, hydration is at the core of every pack they design. Now with the low profile Antidote which more than just a reservoir, the Antidote is a specialized performance system connecting you to the hydration you need. Seamlessly integrated into our specialized packs, with quick connect enhancements end unparalleled stability, the Antidote is light, low profile and perfectly equipped for any dose of adventure.

Camelbak have re-engineered their packs to optimize performance and maximum cargo.
The fill up fast external fill port opens wide, closes with a snap, and lets you reload water without reloading your reservoir. With the redesigned reservoir compartment secures the Antidotecomfortably against your back, leaving more room for layers and gear.
The handle drop of this hydration pack loads easily and suspends water weight for unmatched stability

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