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[Model 2447]
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Giá : 550,000 vnd

Tên sản phẩm : TrustFire SSC P7 900Lumens LED Flashlight
Kích thước : 21cm x 6cm x 3cm (8.27in x 2.36in x 1.18in)
Bảo hành : Chính hãng
Trạng thái :In Stock
  1  Giá : 550,000 vnd
  2  Mã sản phẩm :[ 2447 ]
  3  Số lượng :

TrustFire SSC P7 900Lumens LED Flashlight

Chính hãng .

This TrustFire Flashlight SSC P7 is of high quality. It uses the latest SSC high power cW724CO lights, up to 900 lumens brightness. Attack the head with the first design, dumb black sand surface feel good, anti-skid in place. All waterproof design, water depth of 10 meters. The world, no one can look directly at its light to attack the enemy to cover their own results. Really a wonderful choice for you!







  • 1. This flashlight is convenient and practical for your daily use
  • 2. Special needs. (For patrolling, hunting and arresting, inspecting, securing, Martin Rescue as well as Light Shooting and so on)
  • 3. Outdoor activities. (For climbing, camping, seeking survival, walking, diving, fishing as well as hunting, etc.)
  • 4. Professional needs (For Gems-Testing, Mineral-Testing, etc.)
  • 5. Good preparation for your family.
  • 6. The pictures of our flashlight are real and if there is something tinny difference, please ignore.


 trustfire-high-power-led-3-showa.jpgtrustfire-high-power-led-8-showa.jpg trustfire-high-power-led-6-showa.jpg



  • 1. Please do not put it directly to people's eyes for the powerful light is harmful and it will make you blind temporarily, especially for the kid.
  • 2. The price of this flashlight dose not includes the battery and the charger.
  • 3. Strongly suggest you use the protected battery for it can really protect your battery well and extend your battery life as well as avoid the over-charging and over-discharging of your battery.
  • 4. We are not responsible for the broken of the battery and charger for your users' wrong using methods.
  • 5. Please never over-charger or over-discharge the 18650 batteries, which means when the brightness of the flashlight is going down clearly but not totally dark, it is the time to charger it, or the battery will be over-discharged and it will be broken or shortcircuit when you charge it the next time.


  • Using the latest SSC high power cW724CO LED, up to 900 lumens brightness
  • The lifetime is as long as 10,000 hours
  • ON / OFF button switch tail
  • Compact design, dumb black surface feels good, anti-skid
  • Waterproof design
  • Driver: Intelligent control circuits, the constant current output
  • Operating Voltage: 3~8.4 V
  • Working Temperature: -25~65
  • Battery Capacity: 2400 mAh
  • Working Time: More than 2 hours
  • Compatible with: It can be used two 18650 (17670)  / 18500 battery or two lithium batteries. You can change the length of the torch body.
  • Case Material: T6061 aviation aluminum, Metal shell of CNC production
  • Exterior Treatment: Army regulations three sclerosis treatment
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 210 x 57 x 25mm / 8.3 x 2.3 x 1.0in (L x Head Dia. x Body Dia.)

Package Included:

  • 1 x TrustFire SSC P7 Flashlight

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